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10 tips for healthy hair


1. Don’t wash your hair daily as you can wash out the hairs natural oils which are good for your hair and scalp

2. When washing your hair use a good quality shampoo and conditioner (ask us to help choose one suitable for your hair!)

3. Only condition the mid lengths and end of your hair, this will stop the roots getting oily.

4. After you have shampooed and conditioned your hair rinse through with cool water to close down the hairs cuticle.

5. Once you have washed your hair towel dry by gently dabbing the hair rather than rubbing vigorously as you will split the hair shaft.

6. Use a wide tooth comb through the hair after washing to prevent breakage of the hair shaft (On average every day we lose about 100 hairs just through brushing, combing and washing our hair!)

7. Everyday styling with heat appliances can have an effect on your hair, you can protect it from the heat with our Joico Thermal Styling Protectant!

8. Hair is made up of protein, so keeping a balanced diet helps maintain healthy hair.

9. Showering to dampen your hair before swimming will help reduce the amount of chlorine that sticks to the hair. If your hair is dry it will act like a sponge and soak up more chlorine which will damage it.

10. Hair should be cut every 4-8 weeks to keep it in a healthy condition – come and visit us!

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