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SmileWorx Facial Aesthetics Has Arrived


SmileWorx Facial Aesthetics Has Arrived

Beginning 4th December Julian's are proud to announce that Dr Denis Zenon, a qualified professional with over a decade of facial aesthetic experience is moving into our Newbury salon. 


He will be able to provide a range of proven and cost-effective solutions which can be targeted to meet your requirements. Our treatments include:


Botox - Azzalure

A purified protein designed to relax facial muscles, botox reduces frown (glabellar) lines leaving a natural result. A 15 minute procedure can provide results in 2-3 days, lasting up to 4 months.

1 Area - £175   2 Areas - £220   3 Areas - £275 


Fillers - Perfectha or Ellanse

As we age muscle wastage naturally occurs, leaving behind skin which can sag or wrinkle. Fillers immediately plump up and improve the quality of this skin. A 30 minute procedure provides immediate, and long lasting results.


From £195 - depending on consultation assessment


Thread Lifts - Silhouette Soft


Thread Lift s (non-surgical facelift s) involve the use of micro-needles to suture beneath the skin, providing an immediate and natural lift . Lasting 18 months, this can be used in conjunction with fillers or botox.

£350 per thread - typically 4 required



For more information contact our Newbury salon to book a free consultation on 01635 4015 or visit smileworx.org.

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