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Why We Insist On A Skin Test


We care for our clients

We don’t like to take risks at your expense, which is why we ensure a skin test before any hair colour treatments. This is due to the fact that, even though hair colourants are strictly regulated, some people still react negatively against colourants, which can result in hospital trips!

That's why no risks are taken with your health – even if you ask nicely! We have no exceptions – if you are using a new colourant and have not had a test previously, we will insist on one before applying colour – we will turn clients away they don't agree.


A Test To Keep You Safe

The test is very simple, we apply a matchstick-size sample to the skin, on the arm and wait for 45 minutes. While you wait, you can relax with a complimentary coffee, pop to the shops or read the newspaper. That is the test. We then monitor any reactions for 48 hours. If all good, we can colour that day!

Schwarzkopf Professional salons

We hold high standards for our clients and treatments to ensure that when you leave, not only do you look great, but you will not be subjected to any ailments. Reactions to colouring only affects a small number of people, however, as trusted Schwarzkopf salon we must ensure we do a skin test before using any colourant products.


Hair Colour Products & Your Health

We always want to keep our clients happy, but we have seen many examples of hairdressers ignoring the potential dangers –


Woman documents horrific allergic reaction to HAIR DYE in dramatic images.

Teen blinded by horrific 'Frankenstein' allergic reaction to hair dye that 'could have been fatal'.

Mother hospitalised for three days after allergic reaction to hair dye almost killed her.



Experience You Can Trust

With over 30 years in Newbury & Thatcham, we know our clients and care for them. We don’t take any risks when it comes to your health and neither, should you!


Ready For Your Colour?

Contact either of our salons today to arrange a skin test and get started with your next colour look!

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