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Balayge and Ombre - What's The Difference?


Balayage is a process where a stylist free hand paints dye onto your hair and is created to give a more natural sun kissed gradual look, whereas Ombre creates a more noticeable transition between root and tip, most often leading from darker roots to lighter tips. 

Balayage also tends to use more natural colours in order to give a more 'you've spent time in the sun' highlighted look. Where Ombre can also be used with less natural colours such as this look changing from black to red with the change between the two kept from being too stark. 

Another option with Ombre is to have the colours reversed with a darker colour on the tips and a lighter finish to the roots. 

We can also use Balayage in reverse to treat hair that has been over dyed making your highlights much more easy to manage adding darker colour to select parts of your roots and bringing that through your hair. With this look making it look like you have let your highlights grow out on purpose. 

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